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Case # CO Last Name First Name DOB Age DOD Died/Found Race Sex
1405294 Tarrant Bundy John 10/13/1971 42 4/16/2014 D White M
Police Department: Fort Worth Police Department Police Svc #: 1435267
Deceased Address: 3517 Wilbarger St. , Fort Worth, Texas 76119 Time Of Death 11:45 PM
Occurred Location: 3517 Wilbarger St. , Fort Worth, Texas 76119
Place Of Death: Private residence Prosector:
Place Of Death Address: 3517 Wilbarger St. , Fort Worth, Texas Manner Of Death:
Cause Of Death:
1405298 Tarrant Lemons Billy 10/30/1931 82 4/17/2014 D White M
Police Department: Police Svc #:
Deceased Address: 196 Highland Meadow Circle , Copell, Texas 75019 Time Of Death 2:13 AM
Occurred Location:
Place Of Death: Prosector:
Place Of Death Address: 1600 Hospital Parkway , Bedford, Manner Of Death:
Cause Of Death:

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